Divesting subsidiaries is complex

Multinationals regularly divest activities that are no longer part of the company’s core activity to bring more focus into the organisation. For such processes, typically more aspects play important roles. Failure of the sale process is not an option. Furthermore, when selling a subsidiary, in addition to a maximum return, maintaining a good reputation and the sensitive handling of employees often also play an important role. A thorough analysis early-on is typically required to ensure a smooth process and to have clear insight in the various interests and potential problems.

Our service for multinationals goes further

In addition to divesting subsidiaries of multinationals, PhiDelphi also has extensive experience of other transaction-related issues. We support multinationals with portfolio analyses and assist with the acquisition of new subsidiaries for example. As a trusted advisor, PhiDelphi acts as a soundboard for various large companies in diverse sectors with a broad range of corporate finance issues.

Why PhiDelphi?

PhiDelphi has vast experience in divesting subsidiaries of multinationals. This enables us to structure an entire process at an early stage. With this experience, we are furthermore able to offer tailor-made assistance. In that role, we actively involve all relevant persons and teams within the organisation in order to work collectively towards the project objective, optimising the chance of success.

PhiDelphi has assisted various multinationals in recent years. We have assisted Achmea in the purchase of inAdmin Riskco, we have supported DAS on the sale of its bailiff and debt collection activities, Facilicom on the sale of its French subsidiaries to ATALIAN and we have assisted Nuon/Vattenfall in the divestment of Feenstra’s Newbuild division.

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