Selling a company is a delicate process

For many privately-owned companies and manager-owners, selling a company is a once in a lifetime experience. In this process, everything needs to go right the first time. The proceeds must meet expectations, the transaction requirements need to be attractive, and the process must be successful. In short, it is very important to optimise the chance of success and limit the failure risks. This requires a carefully considered process approach, careful preparation, and proactive process management enabling the anticipation of unexpected developments in the process. As a consequence, you need to have absolute confidence in your acquisition expert.

Our service for privately-owned companies goes further

PhiDelphi has vast experience in assisting privately-owned companies. Most of our projects are sales support. We guide owners throughout the entire sales process, not just during the negotiations. Our service often begins before the start of the actual selling process. We assist owners in the decision process leading up to the divestment decision and offer support to prepare the company for a sale. In addition to sales processes, we also assist privately-owned companies in attracting growth capital and with the acquisition of companies.

Why PhiDelphi?

PhiDelphi is an acquisition expert with a distinguishing approach. To offer a better service, our senior team will gladly work out a tailor-made project approach for you, in which we have an eye for all factors relevant to you. In addition to subjects such as proceeds, the transaction conditions and failure risks, we are pleased to discuss with you the identity and continuity of the company, the interests of the employees, and your personal role in the company after the sale. With our vast experience, we also proved that we can support you as a soundboard and trusted advisor during the selling process, in addition to the role as sales process manager.

When to contact PhiDelphi?

We prefer to meet with you during your orientation phase. In that stage, often many questions arise and, consciously or subconsciously, the sales process is already steered in a certain direction. To prepare and support you as well as possible, we like to get in contact and discussion with you as early as possible, even when a divestment is not a concrete option in the near future. Also, potential clients frequently contact us after having already started explorative discussions, or even after having received an offer. We can also add significant value in such situation. Our extensive experience enables us to draft compile a solid approach, which prevents the process from stagnating unnecessarily, focused on achieving the transaction outcome that you want.

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