Tailor-made support needed for success

Naturally, investment companies strive for the highest possible proceeds from the sale of a portfolio company. Creating sufficient competition in the sales process is an effective means to achieve this. Factors such as the chance of a successful transaction completion and the opportunity to realise a fast exit could also play important roles. Since multiple factors can be important, customisation is needed. With PhiDelphi, we are able to quickly grasp the essence of the situation and develop a concrete project approach. Apart from properly setting up an effective (competitive) sales process, our role as a buffer between you and the potential buyers is essential, during both the competitive phase as well as the negotiation phase. Finally, as a vendor, we can relieve you of a great deal of work, so you can remain focused on your core activities: the acquisition, optimisation, and expansion of your portfolio companies.

Our service for private equity goes further

PhiDelphi assists a broad range of investors with the sale of their participations, both in broad, highly competitive auction processes, as well as in processes with a limited number of buyers, sometimes even in exclusive ‘one-to-one’ processes. We also assist you with the acquisition of companies and add-on investments. Furthermore, together with investment companies, we analyse markets in order to work out attractive buy-and-build strategies and support the realisation of these strategies.

Why PhiDelphi?

PhiDelphi has vast experience in assisting investment companies with very diverse sales processes. In practice, we have noticed that our experience and seniority provide a great deal of added value. We quickly identify the essence of a situation and define an effective sales process accordingly. Elaborate analyses help us to identify any stumbling blocks at an early stage and address these issues in a tailor-made process. This increases not only the potential proceeds, but also the chance of a successful project completion. We also search and identify suitable foreign investors when selling your portfolio companies. Leveraging our strong international network, we have deep local knowledge of international investors and are in the best position to approach them.

PhiDelphi has an extensive track-record of selling portfolio companies. We have, for example, supported Nordic, Waterland Private Equity, Standard Investment, and Rabo Private Equity in the purchase or sale of their portfolio companies.

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