Bergman Clinics acquired eye clinic Phaco Centrum

Bergman Clinics, the largest chain of clinics for specialist medical care in the Netherlands, acquired eye clinic Phaco Centrum from the founding ophthalmologists. The founders of Phaco Centrum continue their employment as ophthalmologists at Phaco Centrum. The acquisition is an important step in the development of Bergman’s eye care division. Bergman Clinics aims to further expand its network of eye care clinics in the coming years. Earlier this year, Bergman acquired Ozon Oogkliniek, also a provider of eye care.

Bergman Clinics ( is a chain of clinics for specialist medical care and is recognised by the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport. Bergman Clinics focuses on plannable healthcare within five target groups: appearance & skin (dermatology, varicose veins and cosmetic surgery), movement care (orthopaedics, spinal surgery and sports injuries), eye care (refractive surgery and ophthalmology), women care (pelvic floor conditions, sterilisation and transition) and internal care (stomach and bowel conditions, cardiology and obesity). With more than 20 years of experience, 19 locations and over 600 employees, BergmanClinics has become the leading and largest chain of clinics for target groups in the Netherlands.

Phaco Centrum ( provides a wide range of ophthalmological treatments, including treatments for cataract, macular degeneration, retinal abnormalities through diabetes and eyelid surgery. The majority of these treatments is covered by health insurance. Phaco Centrum is located in Den Bosch and employs 25 people, including 3 ophthalmologists.

PhiDelphi acted as adviser to Bergman Clinics.

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