Co-management activities Delta Deelnemingen Fonds sold by VPV Bankiers

Co-management activities Delta Deelnemingen Fonds sold by VPV Bankiers to Delta Lloyd Group.

VPV Bankiers, formerly known as Dresdner VPV, is a leading Dutch asset management firm with a banking license. VPV was acquired by management from Commerzbank in February 2010. VPV Bankiers offers discretionary asset management services to high net worth individuals and manages a number of investment funds. After the sale of Delta Deelnemingen Fonds the assets under management amount to approximately EUR 1.3 billion. The company is headquartered in Gouda with offices in Arnhem, Blaricum, ‘s-Hertogenbosch and Maastricht.

Delta Deelnemingen Fonds, an investment fund with EUR 656 million in assets under management as at December 31, 2009, was co-managed by VPV and Delta Lloyd Asset Management since 2000. Delta Deelnemingen Fonds typically invests in undervalued Dutch stocks, aiming for a shareholding of at least 5%. Delta Lloyd Group, active in insurance, asset management and banking products, is one of the top five financial services providers in the Netherlands, with around EUR 45 billion in assets under management. In November 2009, Delta Lloyd was introduced on Euronext Amsterdam; the majority of the shares is still owned by Aviva plc.

PhiDelphi Corporate Finance acted as advisor to VPV Bankiers in this transaction.

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