DAS sold its bailiffs and debt collection activities to co-shareholder Mr. Bos

DAS sold its interest in bailiffs companies Landelijke Associatie van Gerechtsdeurwaarders (“LAVG”) and Van Arkel Gerechtsdeurwaarders and debt collection agency Bos Incasso to co-shareholder Mr. Bos.

PhiDelphi acted as advisor to DAS. Hanneke Jukema, CEO of DAS is enthusiastic on the support offered by PhiDelphi in this complex divestment: “PhiDelphi has contributed significantly in this process, and I especially appreciate the strategic skills and the commitment demonstrated.”

With this transaction, PhiDelphi expanded its track record in the financial services sector, which already includes the acquisition of Finance & Insurance and Gebr. Sluyter for Ecclesia Gruppe, the sale of the pension administration activities of Syntrus Achmea to Centric and the advice of ABN AMRO Verzekeringen management in relation to the acquisition of Delta Lloyd by NN Group.

DAS (www.DAS.nl) is a Dutch insurance company for private individuals and companies. Over 2017, DAS realised a income of EUR 290m with and EBITDA of EUR 19.5m. The company employs 1890 FTE. DAS operates various brands including Flexx, B&D Juristen, EDR Credit Services and Cannock Chase.

LAVG (www.lavg.nl) and Van Arkel Gerechtsdeurwaarders (www.vanarkelgerechtsdeurwaarders.nl) are both bailiffs companies. LAVG operates in the Northern part of the Netherlands and has 220 employees. Van Arkel Gerechtsdeurwaarders operates six offices spread across the Netherlands and has 180 employees. Bos Incasso (www.bosincasso.nl) provides debt collection services and operates four offices in the Netherlands with 80 employees.

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