The people’s valley has merged with Veritate

The people’s valley has merged with Veritate. The people’s valley is a full service online marketing and communication company with offices in Amsterdam. Core competences are strategy, creation, realisation and hosting. Customers include Praxis, Stork, Buhrmann, KPMG, Staatsbosbeheer and Proctor & Gamble. The company has 55 employees.

Veritate is a full service dialogue marketing firm based in Amsterdam. Since 1999 Veritate is active with segmented customer approach, multi channel campaigns, database construction and integration of direct e-mail into existing company processes. Customers include Ohra, Achmea, Fortis, Kluwer, Telegraaf Tijdschiften Groep, Amsterdam Rai and Business News Radio.

The newly formed group will have 85 employees and a turnover of Euro 10 million.

PhiDelphi acted in this transaction as advisor to the people’s valley.

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