The Hand Clinic was sold to Bergman Clinics

The Hand Clinic, a renowned focus clinic in the field of hand and wrist care, intends to join Bergman Clinics. With the proposed transaction Bergman Clinics strengthens its range of musculoskeletal care.

Monika Ritt, general director and co-shareholder of The Hand Clinic: “To further develop our focus clinic we were looking for a large and reputable party which could guarantee the continuity of specialised care by The Hand Clinic. Under the guidance of PhiDelphi, we were able to realise a wonderful transaction with Bergman Clinics.”

With the sale of The Hand Clinic to Bergman Clinics, PhiDelphi strengthens its experience as a transaction advisor in the health sector. In addition to numerous independent treatment centres such as The Hand Clinic, PhiDelphi advised a variety of healthcare companies, including dental laboratories, reintegration mediators and (company) fitness centres. PhiDelphi has successfully advised on more than 25 transactions in the healthcare sector in the recent years.

The Hand Clinic ( was founded in 2007 as the first Dutch private clinic focused on hand and wrist care and has grown into a ‘Centre of Excellence’ for hand and wrist disorders. The clinic provides specialist 2nd and 3rd line care and 1st line hand therapy, including diagnostics, offering an integrated range of care in one location. The Hand Clinic puts its patients first and stands for maximum quality. This means short access times, extensive consultations and ensuring the same surgeon is seen throughout the entire treatment process. The customer rating of The Hand Clinic on ZorgkaartNederland stands at an average of 9.3 and the clinic has a net promoter score of 70%.

Bergman Clinics ( has been a leading European chain of independent clinics for over thirty years. The company has more than seventy clinics throughout the Netherlands (under the brand names Bergman Clinics, Bey Clinics and Memira), more than seventy clinics in Scandinavia under the brand name Memira and over 10 clinics in Germany. The clinics focus on providing high-quality plannable medical care, with the client as its core focus. By focusing on common treatments, a great deal of knowledge and expertise has been built up. Bergman Clinics is now one of the most experience institutions in the Netherlands in the field of Movement, Eyes, Skin & Vessel, Woman, Stomach & Bowel and Appearance. Bergman Clinics has contracts with all health insurers. By far most treatments fall under insured care, which will be reimbursed on account of coverage under the basic package. Each year Bergman Clinics sees more than 300,000 clients.

The intended takeover of The Hand Clinic by Bergman Clinics will take place after approval of the works council of Bergman Clinics and the Dutch Healthcare Authority (NZa).

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