Abecon was sold to Broad Horizon

Cloud service provider Broad Horizon and IT service provider Abecon join forces to offer a full-service IT solution. The acquisition of Abecon is for both companies a key milestone in their strategy to offer smart and sustainable IT solutions that fit exactly in the business processes of their clients. Abecon will continue to serve its clients by the same formula and the same companies, namely Abecon, Setrange, Breinwave and GreatCircle.

PhiDelphi acted as advisor to Abecon. Constant van Limburgh, CEO of Abecon: “PhiDelphi has very professionally assisted the large number of shareholders of Abecon. During the development of the appropriate transaction structure and the realisation of the transaction, PhiDelphi carefully balanced the interests of the different parties involved. The knowledge, effort and dedication of PhiDelphi led to a transaction that enables Abecon to grow.” PhiDelphi has extensive transaction experience in the IT sector, including the sale of i3 to EY, the sale of quCare to Nexus AG and the sale of Inter Access to SLTN.

Abecon (www.abecon.nl) provides design, realisation and support services for business and IT solutions, based upon Microsoft software, which enables companies to work more efficiently. In order to do so, Microsoft and industry knowledge are combined with targeted investments in specific functionalities. Sectors in which clients of Abecon are active include commerce, healthcare, instruction and training, production, publishing and retail. Abecon is based in Nieuwegein and Gentbrugge (Belgium) and employees 130 people.

Broad Horizon (www.broadhorizon.nl) operates the subsidiaries Multrix, Open for Support and True. The companies of Broad Horizon offer tailor-made web and working environments to improve the agility of organisations. Together the subsidiaries of Broad Horizon cover the entire range of enterprise-class cloud solutions. Broad Horizon is based in Amsterdam and employees 100 people.

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