ABN AMRO Participaties has acquired a shareholding in BMA Ergonomics

ABN AMRO Participaties and management have acquired a shareholding in BMA Ergonomics. The remaining shares are held by Wadinko and the CEO. The new shareholder group will support the further foreign expansion of the company.

BMA Ergonomics is a market leading, knowledge driven manufacturer of ergonomic office chairs. BMA markets currently 80,000 chairs per annum, a number that over the last years has grown by over 10% per annum. BMA is headquartered in Zwolle, the Netherlands and employs approximately 100 FTEs.

ABN AMRO Participaties is the investment subsidiary of ABN AMRO Capital investing in medium-sized companies in the Netherlands.

Wadinko is a private equity firm, targeting small and medium-sized companies in the mid-Eastern part of the Netherlands.

PhiDelphi acted in this transaction as advisor to BMA Ergonomics.

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