Actys Wonen Beheer was sold to management

The shareholders of Actys Wonen Beheer sold their shares to the management of the company. The management is determined to develop Actys Wonen Beheer further as a leading and professional residential property manager in the Dutch market.

Actys Wonen Beheer is one of the largest nationwide residential property management organisations in the Netherlands. Actys Wonen Beheer manages and lets approximately 20,000 residential properties on behalf of institutional investors, private investors and housing associations. In addition, Actys Wonen Beheer supports about 200 associations of owners. Actys Wonen Beheer employs 90 people and has offices in Amsterdam, Arnhem, Assen, The Hague, Enschede, Nieuwegein, Rotterdam area and Zwolle.

Over the past years, Actys Wonen Beheer has developed itself as a leading and professional residential property manager. The company’s clients base includes major real estate investors and asset managers on the Dutch real estate market such as CBRE, Syntrus Achmea and the Wooninvesteringsfonds.

PhiDelphi acted as adviser to the sellers.

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