Founders of Lloyd Hotel sold their shares to Monumental Bricks

The founders of Lloyd Hotel sold their shares to Monumental Bricks BV, the owner of the Lloyd Hotel building. The Lloyd Hotel founders decided to sell to company in order to facilitate the growth of their other hotel businesses.

In 2004, Lloyd Hotel ( opened its doors as the first one-to-five-star hotel in the world. The founders transformed this monumental building (former youth prison) and, together with the Cultural Embassy, became an international trendsetter in the hotel and cultural sector. Founders Otto Nan, Suzanne Oxenaar and Gerrit Groen also created the LLove Hotel in Tokyo and Hotel The Exchange in Amsterdam and launched SWEETS hotel in Amsterdam in March 2018.

Monumental Bricks is an investement company owned and managed by Rocco Veenboer. Monumental Bricks acquired the Lloyd Hotel real estate in 2016 from housing corporation De Key and as from February 2018 has the full control over both the building and the hotel business. Rocco Veenboer is the CEO, founder and former owner of house & techno-event Awakenings, which he sold to LifeStyle (formerly SFX Entertainment) in 2014.

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