Total Specific Solutions was sold to Constellation Software Inc.

The shareholders of Total Specific Solutions (TSS) sold the company to Constellation Software Inc. from Canada.

TSS ( is the largest vertical market software business based in the Netherlands, with a focus on a particular expertise or a specific market sector. TSS software makes a fundamental difference to healthcare organisations, governments and financial institutions by helping them realise their ambitions. The TSS companies are Everest, Blueriq, KZA, PharmaPartners, PinkRoccade Local Government, PinkRoccade Healthcare and Yonder. In 2012, TSS realised a turnover of EUR 174 million.

Constellation Software Inc.( is a quoted Canadian company with over EUR 1.5 billion in turnover which acquires, manages and builds vertical market software businesses that provide mission-critical software solutions.

PhiDelphi acted as adviser to the works council of TSS.

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