Waanders Publishers merges with d’jonge Hond Publishers

Waanders Publishers has merged with d’Jonge Hond Publishers after Waanders Printing was divested. Roelant Hazewinkel, managing director of Waanders, will lead the new organisation.

By combining the two companies a new organisation emerges with more market power. The current publications of both companies are complementary. Besides Waanders Publishers can benefit from the knowledge of d’jonge Hond in the field of cross medial and multi medial productions. The close relationship with Waanders Printing will be continued.

Waanders Publishers, established in 1836, is the largest publisher of art books in the Netherlands. The artistic publications range from accessible, easy-to-read books to specialised scholarly publications, from exhibition catalogues to monographs, from ancient to contemporary art, and from the Dutch Golden Age to the Hague School.

d’jonge Hond Publishers, founded in 2007, is specialised in modern art, photography, fashion and design for national and regional museums.

PhiDelphi Corporate Finance acted as advisor to Waanders Publishers.

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