Xolv Finance acquired by Ecclesia Group

Xolv Finance was acquired by international insurance broker Ecclesia Group. The acquisition is in line with Ecclesia’s strategy to provide its clients with the best possible advice in all areas, ranging from risk management and employee benefits’, to claims handling, in its chosen market segments.

After support with the acquisition of Finance & Insurance in 2018, PhiDelphi has again assisted Ecclesia in a successful acquisition of a leading credit insurance broker in the NL market.

Harry Kampschöer, CEO of Ecclesia Netherlands: “Ecclesia’s goal for some time now has been to become one of the bigger players in the Netherlands in the field of financial advice for the corporate market and the public sector. Thanks to the very skillful advice of PhiDelphi, this goal is coming ever closer”.

With this transaction, PhiDelphi strengthens its experience in the insurance brokerage sector. With its extensive contacts, publications and transaction experience, PhiDelphi is the leading corporate finance advisor in this sector in the Netherlands.

Xolv (www.xolv.nl) is a specialist in the field of credit insurance, financing and credit management with a focus on medium-sized and international enterprises. The company is one of the larger service providers in their field in the Netherlands.

Ecclesia Group (www.ecclsia-group.com) is a German based, internationally operating insurance broker with offices in eight European countries with over 1,600 employees. In the Netherlands, the group includes Concordia de Keizer, EBC Nederland, Veerhaven Assuradeuren, Gebr. Sluyter, Finance & Insurance and Sibbing Adviesgroep.

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